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To band or not to band, that is thy question :)

So last night I Slipknot.

Each 7 Seconds i was seeing some Deep Purple images in my head. It felt like I was touching Nirvana. Apparently I was under some kind of a Moonspell.

I could hear The Calling of the ancestors. I took some pills, but soon realised they were just Placebo, all they did was to Blur my situation.

My Nightwish was just to be able to sleep, but i couldn’ as Rolling Stones were filling my head. Still, I decided I need to find The Cure to my condition.

Checked my wallet, to search money for some real pills. All I had there were Six Pence, i was None The Richer. “This is Garbage!”, I said to myself. The Vines around my neck were suffocating me harder and harder, and I could almost feel my Soulfly out of my body.

Outside my window, I could see the Panic at the Disco that had just recently opened across the street. The Police was just in front, collecting all the Nine Inch Nails used in the fight half an hour ago. Four Non Blondes were sitting on the sidewalk, looking lost one at another, faces saying: “Such a Crazy Town!”

Inside my House of Pain, nothing was changed. I had already gotten used to Blink 182 times per second, it was like I was tortured by some sick Fun Loving Criminals.

A-ha“, I said to myself. The Roots of my problems were deeper than I thought. I was Faithless.

And then…

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